Reppin' the Rave Green

Ready to start the second half against Pali Blues!

Kara Kuttler action!

Kara Kuttler and Victoria Frederick subbing in for Lyndsey Patterson and Allie Beahan

Happy team is happy.

Kara Kuttler during the 2nd half

Bleacher party after the game.
Featuring Smitty and Kara!
(And the signs created by Smitty’s amazing fans!! LOL) 

The team saluting their faithful supporters after the match!

The start of the second half! Team huddle and Hope acknowledging the crowd as she heads to her goal.

Kara Kuttler in the first half!

The Starting XI just before introductions!

I enjoy how Kate typically stands right next to Hope, like a faithful XO to Hope’s Captain.

Celebrating Lyndsey Patterson’s goal!

Kara and Veronica cheerfully prepare for the match start!

After she scored in the second half, Stephanie Cox was mobbed by her teammates. She had been near the bench, so everyone on the bench ran to her, and then all her teammates on the field came in to celebrate.

Hope hung back for a moment, and then started heading towards the team, but stopped just short as the team headed back onto the field. The Rapids were already in position by this point to restart, but Hope waited a moment longer before returning to her post to give Stephanie a big hug.

It was adorable.